Playing the name game

THE chance to choose a permanent name for the Forth Replacement Crossing has been thrown open to the public.
Members of the public can play their part by submitting their own suggestions before the end of January. An advisory panel of independent civic, business and community representatives from across Scotland will consider all submissions. The panel will then shortlist names for a public vote in 2013 to decide the permanent name given to the bridge when it opens in 2016.
Alan Simpson, chief executive of the Institution of Civil Engineers Scotland and a panel member, said: “The ICE welcomes the opportunity to be involved in the selection of a name for such an important new bridge that sits alongside two internationally famous bridges. All of them will demonstrate to the world the skills and expertise of Scottish engineers.
“I hope that the excitement generated during the construction of the new Forth Crossing will inspire the next generation to become engineers in the same way as the construction of the Forth Road Bridge inspired me.”