Aberdeen’s local development plan opens for public comment

ABERDEEN’S local development plan and delivery programme is now open to comments from the public.

The city’s council said that the document will help to shape future land use in Aberdeen and guide the planning decisions on housing developments, leisure and industrial zones.

The proposed plan includes several policy changes that aim to encourage more tourism and cultural activities in the city centre.

Aberdeen City Council said that health and wellbeing are key components of the proposed plan. The need to ensure that healthcare services are provided, as well as the creation of environments that ‘foster health’, encourage active lifestyles and reduce inequalities in well-being, is included.

Climate change is also looked into, with the document showing plans for developments to be resilient to changing weather patterns as well as flood plains and carbon-rich soils being protected.

Aberdeen City Council planning development management committee convener, Councillor Marie Boulton, said, “The Proposed Local Development Plan is a huge step in helping to continue to create a city that’s a fantastic place for everyone live, work and visit. We welcome comments from the public about the content of the Proposed Plan.”

The consultation period will run for 14.5 weeks. Comments can be submitted to Aberdeen City Council by clicking the following link or by email to ldp@aberdeencity.gov.uk